Central Ohio Bag and Burlap is your go-to source for all landscaping essentials located in the heart of Ohio. We offer a selection of products designed to help streamline your landscaping business, ensuring you have everything you need to operate efficiently.

We offer a variety of landscaping products that include:

  • Landscaping Pots: Durable, black plastic pots perfect for all your planting needs.
  • Wire Baskets: Tailored to fit your spade, allowing for quicker crimping and versatile movement without the risk of breaking.
  • Refuse Collection Bags: Designed for durability, these reusable bags feature double-stitched seams, an adjustable strap, and dual handles for easy disposal, making yard cleanup a breeze.
  • Typar Landscaping Fabric: Say goodbye to weeds without sacrificing soil health. Our landscaping fabric allows moisture, nutrients, and air to flow freely.
  • Spades/Shovels: With a variety of sizes and handle materials, our shovels are here to support your soil moving and digging projects.
  • Flagging Tape: Brightly colored for visibility, ideal for marking trees, plants, property lines, or hazards.

Beyond these, we offer a wide array of tools and materials including hoes, tree wrap, shade cloth, and crimping tools, among others. Designed to meet all your landscaping needs, our products promise quality and durability.

If you have questions on what landscaping products we offer, please don't hesitate to call us at 800-798-9405 or 614-294-4495. We offer quantity discounts and prices are subject to change without notice.