Central Ohio Bag & Burlap, Inc. stocks a large assortment of the following products:
NURSERY SUPPLIES:  Burlap rolls & squares, Wire tree baskets, Landscape fabric, Erosion control netting, pinning nails, hog ring staples, flagging tape
BAGS:  Clear polyethylene, Polypropylene (feed and sand), Clear polypropylene, Reclosable, Merchandise (Poly & Paper), Cotton, Door knob
PACKAGING SUPPLIES:  Bubble wrap, Packing peanuts, Newsprint, Twist ties, Tape, Twine, Bag sealers
CONSTRUCTION:  Burlap (rolls and sheets), Wiping cloths, Rebar ties, Flagging tape
 Central Ohio Bag & Burlap, Inc. offers custom sizes and printing.  Call for quotation.